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The poster of the periodic table presents the most important data related to each element in a readily understandable and appealing design. It includes the currently new named elements 113 Nihonium (Nh), 115 Moscovium (Mc), 117 Tennessine (Ts), and 118 Oganesson (Og). The poster of the periodic table corresponds with the front of the DIN A4 periodic table.

The outstanding print quality ensures the long lasting pleasure in use for study and work.


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  • Name
  • Symbol
  • Atomic numbers
  • Oxidation states
  • Electronegativity
  • Standard atomic weight
  • Electronconfiguration
  • Melting/Boiling point
  • Standard reduction potential
  • Radioactivity

In addition, the standard states of aggregation, metals and transition metals, nonmetals, metalloids and noble gases are indicated by different colors.

The blume pte in english is also available as a Roll Up and as a laminated DINA4 reference work with more than 2.850 data related to the elements.




The values given in the periodic table have been validated by the authors by means of current literature. The list of references can be downloaded here as a PDF file.




Sebastian Blumentritt



DIN A2 ISBN: 9783942530156




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