Chart of Nuclides - Poster DIN A0


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"The task of science is not only to expand experience, but to bring order to that experience." Niels Bohr.

The blume chart of nuclides shows didactically optimized over 3,000 currently experimentally proven nuclides. The map provides over 10,000 highly precise data based on the well-respected National Nuclear Data Center of the Brookhaven Institute (USA).

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  • Square tiling
  • Laser pointer optimized color scheme
  • Identification of the different types of decay of a nuclide by colours and representation of the shares in the total decay

Specifications (full Version)

  • Element symbol
  • Mass number A
  • Atomic number Z
  • Neutron number N
  • Half life
  • Energy of each type of decay
  • Stable nuclides/ occurrence of stable nuclide
  • Relative occurrence of the type of decay due to colour subdivision
  • Type of decay:
    • α
    • β-
    • β+/ electron capture
    • γ (isomeric transition)
    • Spontaneous fission


The poster is characterized by a premium paper quality. Due to its UV varnish refinement, the poster is protected from UV light and scratches.

Format:140 cm x 100 cm

Other formats available.


Evaluate Nuclear Structure Data File (ENSDF): Status: June 2017.

The data published on the chart of nuclides correspond to the current state of science and are permanently updated.